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Dog care

Does your pet need a specialised diet

If your pet is generally healthy, but has persistent or chronic symptoms you can’t quite put your finger on, maybe a diet adjustment is required. Can these common symptoms be cured with diet?

Why treats, attention and playtime are the only tools to train your dog

There are many ways to effectively train a dog. However, if you want to train your dog and build a super tight, lifelong bond with your pet’s wellbeing at the centre of your relationship, ditch the e-collars, choke chains, prong collars and other such aversive tools. This is what the science says…

We answer your questions on ticks and fleas

Ticks and fleas are part of every pet owner’s life and there are many different treatments available for dogs and cats. Here we answer some Q&As about YOUR pets and ticks and fleas.

How to safely remove a tick from your pet

It can be alarming to find a tick (or two) latched onto your pet. Don’t freak out – here are a few simple ways you can safely and easily remove those pesky parasites and ensure your pets stay tick-free.

How to help your pets adjust to changes

It’s twenty-twenty-NEW and, while we’re trying on new lifestyles and new challenges, our pets may be feeling a little bewildered with these changes. Furtunately there are a few ways we can help our pets to adjust to new situations.

New Year’s Resolutions for pets

Your pets’ list of 7 Mew Year’s resolutions If you think your pets don’t know what the New Year is, think again. They watched you

How to fix a dog’s negative behaviour

If all you’ve ever wanted was a good dog, but your furry friend still digs, barks, chews, begs, pees inside or is generally ‘bad’, here are some tips to change his behaviour.

What to expect when your dog’s expecting

At any given time, there are plenty of playful puppies needing homes. Do you know where puppies come from? How long is dog gestation? And what happens during the birthing process? We answer all those questions…

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