The dos and don’ts of dog walking

Now that we’re back to walking our dogs during the daytime, here’s a refresher on dog walking etiquette. It may contain some harsh truths as well as the important question: how many of these ‘rules’ do you break?

How often should I wash my dog’s bed?

Your dog’s bed is his plush kingdom, his private quarters, his proud throne. But when it gets grimy, hairy or mucky, it’s anything but a royal boudoir for your favourite ruffian! It’s important that you wash your dog’s bed regularly – just how often (and how) depends on the dog, the bed, and you.

Pros and cons of dressing your dog in a jacket

It’s that time of year when you need to pull out the winter woollies and jackets… and for your dog too. But how beneficial is a jacket for your furry friend in winter time? Let’s go over the pros and cons of dressing your dog in a jacket. Should you? Shouldn’t you?

Do dogs get cold in winter?

Winter is a time for hibernating under the blankets, but not only for humans. We answer the question ‘Do dogs get cold in winter?’ with all you need to know about making sure your best friend is geared up for the snuggly season.


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