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Pet adoption myths DEBUNKED

If you’re looking to add a furry or purry friend to your home, don’t be discouraged from adopting just because someone says negative things about animal shelters. Do your research, starting with this blog in which we untangle just some of the many myths about adopting new pets instead of buying them from a breeder.

How to help if you can’t adopt

As much as you wish you could adopt another pet, sometimes it’s just not possible (for various responsible reasons). But fortunately there are many other ways of helping dogs, cats and other animals, even if you can’t bring them home. Here’s how:

Preparing Your Pozzie for Your New Pet

You’ve been through the adoption process, your new pet has been dewormed, inoculated, microchipped and sterilised (or will be at six months of age) and is ready to come home. Have you done all the necessary preparations and are you ready to introduce your other pets? Let’s see.

The Pet Adoption Process

So you’ve decided that the best pet breed is a Rescue. Now what? Here we break down the steps involved in finding and adopting the new addition to your household. This is one of the most rewarding journeys you will take!

What to consider before adopting a pet

Pet adoption is a hero’s tale to tell, but there are plenty of considerations to make before bringing a new furry family member home. Are you physically, emotionally and financially prepared for it? Let’s go over the considerations you need to make before adopting a new pet.

Dog adoption – Helpful tips

Many people would rather buy a puppy without thinking about the poor abandoned pets out there. There are thousands of fur babies waiting for a home to call their own. There are so many benefits from adopting a pet rather than buying one from a puppy mill or a pet shop. Read more on: Why adopt a pet – Helpful tips when adopting.


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