Cat Care and Health

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Showing 1–12 of 188 results

Being the slave pawrent of a cat is an ameowsing blessing, but it comes with great responsibilities. Cat care doesn’t only entail providing food, water, a warm bed and some cat toys. There are many areas of cat care and health that are overlooked until they become a problem. Pet Hero encourages cat owners to take preventive care of your purry friend – keeping her tick and flea treatments up to date, looking after their dental health with daily brushing, regularly deworming your cat, and providing cat-specific care for their specific and overall health needs.

We encourage cat owners to do a check-up on your cat’s:

  • Ears – Look out for and redness, odour and inflammation that could indicate an infection.
  • Skin and coat – Is the skin itchy and flaky, and the coat dry and dull? Maybe there’s something else going on underneath it all.
  • Teeth – Brush regularly to remove any plaque and tartar build-up; feed your cat dental chews to assist between brushing.
  • Parasites – Check for ticks and fleas, and make sure your cat is on a long-term tick and flea treatment to protect her from the diseases these pests carry.
  • Emotional health – Is your cat stressed about something? Find out the root cause, but until then, consider a calming solution to bring her some balance.
  • Joints – If your cat hesitates when jumping up or down from raises surfaces, or limps without an acute cause/injury, she may be experiencing joint degeneration and pain.
  • Digestive health – Check your cat’s litterbox deposits to see if her tummy is healthy, and keep an eye on her weight. 
  • General wellbeing – Some cats may simply appear poorly, no matter how well you treat them. There could be a serious problem (like an underactive thyroid) underlying their lack of wellbeing, or they simply need to be pepped up with enzymes, prebiotics, herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Whatever your cat’s supplementary needs, Pet Hero stocks a great range of cat care and health products.