Tick and Flea Control for Cats

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results

In our temperate climate in South Africa, there’s no such thing as ‘tick and flea season’ – your cat is always susceptible to ticks, fleas and other parasites. These little critters can cause serious harm to your cat’s health: from biliary (in cats along the coast) to flea allergies and tapeworms. Ticks and fleas are the purrfect case for prevention being better than cure. Regardless, you should try to keep all parasites away from your cat.

What flea and tick medicine do vets recommend for cats?

The best tick and flea medicine for cats is the one applied yesterday. The next best is the one applied as soon as possible. Depending on your cat’s type, size and lifestyle, your vet will recommend that you choose a tick and flea treatment that best suits your cat’s needs. There are many spot-on treatments to choose from, as well as tablets that will protect cats from fleas. Sprays and powders work on direct contact and repel pests from your cat and her bedding and environment.

How do I keep ticks and fleas off my cat?

For long-lasting tick and flea repelling, you may need a multi-pronged approach. Bathing your cat with a tick and flea shampoo as well as using a tick and flea collar can help to repel these parasites from your purry friend.

Is there a chemical-free tick and flea repellent?

For cats who are sensitive to the active ingredients of tick and flea control, the alternative is an ultrasonic tick and flea repellent device, which ensures these parasites will stay away from your cat. However, you will need to manually remove existing ticks and fleas from your cat and their environment before using this device.