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Showing 1–12 of 19 results

The bird feeder range on Pet Hero caters to caged birds as well as offering wild and garden birds the best of what you have to give. 

What is the best garden bird feeder?

There are so many types, sizes and shapes of bird feeders to choose from – with each one custom designed to hold certain types of wild bird feed. Seed feeders should be able to hold enough seed for all your feathered garden friends, while still keeping the seed dry and fresh and away from pests. Suet feeders must be able to hold the suet while still offering birds access to feed on it without it becoming a fatty mess. The best garden feeder is the one that does its job depending on the feed you want to put out and the birds you want to attract.

Where should a bird feeder be placed in a garden?

A garden bird feeder must be placed in a ‘mild’ position: it mustn’t be left in the blazing sun, but it also shouldn’t be subjected to cold winds or damp conditions. It should be in a position where nearby birds can safely sit and watch for predators as they wait their turn to feed. It should also not be too concealed so as to prevent feeding birds from having a clear escape route should they be ambushed by a potential predator.

Should I remove my parrot’s food bowl at night?

Just like with other pets (and people!), it is usually healthier to feed your pet bird at consistent times – ideally twice a day. Give your parrot a window of time in which to feed and then remove their food bowl. Not only does this ensure they eat a wider variety of food because they are hungry (instead of just snacking on the nuts and seeds), but you also won’t have a huge mess to clean up in the morning if you leave the food bowl in their cage at night.