Dog Treats

Whether you use dog treats during puppy training or you just like to reward your dog for being their happy, lively self, dog treats are a must in any pet-loving household.  In a typical Pavlovian response, your clever pooch will quickly learn the sound of the treat tin or bag, and coming running for his dog biscuits when you open it!

What are the best treats for dogs?

The best treats for dogs are those that satisfy your dog’s taste for something other than their regular food, yet are healthy and specially formulated for your dog. Table scraps, leftovers from human food as well as sweets and biscuits are HUGE no-no, as they aren’t suitable for your dog’s diet… and will probably also lead to bad behaviour like begging. Fortunately, at Pet Hero, we have a ton of amazing healthy dog treats formulated especially for the canine digestive system, so you’ll have a wide choice in great doggy treats to give your dog.

Is it okay to feed dogs cat treats?

Pet food and treats are designed specifically for either cats or dogs, since their diet and digestive needs are different. Cat food and treats are very protein-dense, which is not good for dogs. While dog food is deficient in the types of nutrients cats require. Why would you want to give cat treats to your dog anyway when there are so many great dog treat options at Pet Hero?

How much do dog treats cost?

Dog and puppy treats are quite economical when you think of the overall benefit of treating your furry friend from time to time. Dental chews, especially, have the added advantage of scrubbing your dog’s teeth while you sit back and watch your pup enjoying their treat time! For a better look at the cost of dog treats, browse through our wide range here, and consider Montego Sauce for Dogs, to add to their food, Acana dog treats, and the deliciously decadent Nandi Kalahari Lamb Jerky Strips for Dogs.

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