Dog Digestive Health Support

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Showing 1–12 of 29 results

Dogs with sensitive tummies can have a difficult time absorbing all the healthy nutrients they need for optimal wellbeing. Some dog breeds are simply more sensitive to certain ingredients in their food and treats, or they are genetically more prone to experiencing digestive upset. Then, of course, there are those curious pups who get their noses and tastebuds into everything. This can cause an unpleasant bout of diarrhoea and/or vomiting.

For any instances of digestive upset or imbalance, there is a product in Pet Hero’s store to assist!

What to give your dog to help digestion

For the optimal absorption of nutrients, your dog’s gut needs to be functioning correctly. Often, genetics, acute or chronic stress, a toxic substance your dog has ingested, or any other kind of digestive upset can put your dog’s whole system out of whack. To reintroduce some balance to your dog’s gut health, they need prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, electrolytes and other nutrients. Not only are digestive health support products important for restoring balance, but they can actually help to enhance your dog’s appetite and make sure your pooch is feeding (and feeling) well again.

What will help with doggy doo?

Whether your poor pup has diarrhoea or is constipated, our digestive care products can help to restore balance to your dog’s poop. On the other side of the spectrum, if your dog has the dreaded behavioural habit of eating other pets’ poop (a condition called coprophagia), Pet Hero can help with that too!

And if your dog has become Farty McFart-face, we’ve got just the thing to reduce flatulence and restore balance in their digestive system. Find it here.