Herbal Care for Cats

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Showing 1–12 of 32 results

Cats, being the complex creatures they are, sometimes need a little natural support to return balance to their systems. Whether they are experiencing low immunity, recovering from surgery, feeling a little anxious or their system is out of whack, herbal care for cats is a safe and effective way to restore your cat’s sense of wellbeing. Herbal remedies consist of all-natural ingredients that can be given in the long-term to improve cats’ wellbeing or to address an internal issue that can improve with lifestyle changes.

Is herbal medicine safe for cats?

Herbal medicine is safe for cats when it is made especially for cats! Do not give human herbal medicine and supplements to cats, though, as some human remedies may be toxic to pets. 

Herbal care products fill in the gaps of good health where your purry friend may be lacking. Ensure your cat is eating high-quality cat food to give her all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals she needs for everyday health. In spite of these, she may still be deficient or unable to absorb everything she needs for optimal wellbeing.

What can I give my cat to keep her healthy?

Good cat health starts with good nutrition, but there are many herbal care products for a variety of conditions your cat may be dealing with. From itchy skin and allergies, to ear infection, coughing, anxiety and low immunity, as well as gastric issues, joint and bone care – herbal cat care can alleviate your precious kitty’s symptoms.

Part of a cat’s happiness comes from being mellowed out or energised – depending on the cat. Rewarding your cat with catnip is yet another form of herbal care for cats that most cats just cannot do without.