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Living with Pets

Why is there a pet in my house?! (and is it happy?)

At some or other point in a pet hero’s journey, you may ask yourself: how did humans end up with pets? We are naturally drawn to companion animals, but is my pet truly happy? Are we really meeting their needs? Our latest article attempts to answer both questions – why is my pet here (the 30,000-year question)? And am I meeting their basic needs? Read more…

Dogs: This is why we can’t have nice things…

Keep your dog out of your flowerbeds, stop him from marking indoors, chewing things that are not chew toys, and keep other dogs at bay. Read this article for more information on dog repellents – how to use them, the best time to use them, and what else you need to do to change your dog’s unwanted behaviour.

How to keep insects off your dogs

Summertime: Time to braai, sit by the pool, play outdoor sports and make the most of the great South African weather… with your dog! And in summer, where your dog goes, so too do the pests! Pawtunately, we’ve got some practical advice to enjoy the best of the South African weather… without the ticks, fleas and flies! Take a look.

5 Types of pet-safe cleaning products and how they work

Did you know that regular household cleaning products are very bad for your pets? PAWtunately, there is a wide range of pet-friendly cleaning products that target the toughest stains and stinkiest pet odours. Read our article to find out more about these cleaning products and how they work – making home cleaning a breeze, even when you have pets.

What to do if your pet is poisoned

The non-malicious poisoning of pets is an everyday risk that comes with the territory of pet ownership. Whether your dog or cat eats human food that is toxic to them, eats toxic plants, or other poisonous substances around the home, read more about what to do if you’re ever faced with this situation.

How to keep a pet even if you’re allergic to them

Watery eyes, runny nose and lots of sneezing around pets? There are plenty of animal lovers who may be allergic to dogs and cats, and therefore ‘go without’, thinking they are doomed to petlessness by their immune system. Furtunately, there are ways of mitigating allergic reactions and still being able to enjoy your furry friends’ company!

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