Small Animal Treats

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Showing 1–12 of 46 results

If food varieties for our small fuzzy friends are so colourful and delicious, why would hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas and other small pets still need treats? Fortunately, these pet treats are cleverly incorporated into our small animals’ everyday activities. They encourage our fuzzy buddies to forage, chew, play, lick and engage with their environment.

Why do small pets need treats?

Small pets are not that different to our larger pets when it comes to food and treats. They need a varied diet, but they also love tasty snacks and will work to earn them. Therefore, treats can be used to get small animals to interact and engage with you; they can be used to lure small pets closer, trust you and enjoy being around you. Holding a treat on your open hand is a great way to encourage your new small pet to approach you and be comfortable sitting on your hand as they enjoy a yummy snack. When you have bonded with your small animal, treats are a fantastic reward for positive reinforcement training. You’ll be able to use treats to get your fuzzy friend to perform tricks – a very enriching activity!

What can I give my small animal as a treat?

Small pets love nibbling on and engaging with new and interesting things. Avert your long-toothed little friend from chewing on wires and other out-of-bounds items by ensuring they have enough treats. These treats can include specially formulated treat ‘drops’, ‘crunchies’ and other plant- and veggie-based snacks, as well as your fuzzy friend’s much-needed hay, disguised as cookies or interactive toys. As long as your small animal has treats to gnaw on in between their main meals, a lot of their dietary requirements will be sufficiently met. 

Make sure you don’t overfeed your small animal with treats, as this may lead to obesity. Be sure to incorporate the treats into your little friend’s daily caloric requirements.