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What do the different warning colours mean on dog leashes and bandanas?

Should your dog be wearing a red, orange, green, yellow or white bandana or leash? These colours communicate specific non-verbal messages about your dog’s friendliness or wellness. They can also tell other dog owners whether their dogs may approach or should rather leave your dog alone. Find out more about bandanas and leash covers.

How to introduce your new puppy to your other pets

Your puppy will want to make friends with your other pets, so here is some step-by-step advice on how to introduce your new pup to your established pets. We also answer the question of whether it’s okay to introduce your puppy to other dogs.

How to avoid puppy scams in South Africa

You’ve seen that cute face online, the price tag seems reasonable, and the seller has sent you a copy of their ID. They’ve got a website and everything, so it must be legit, right? Read more about how to avoid being scammed for the love of a pet.

The best small pets for kids at each age

There is research behind the claim that children benefit from pet care – learning responsibility and empathy towards others. Is your child ready for their own pet? What small pet is the most appropriate one for their age? Let’s take a look…

What are the best pets for active families?

For every type of person, there is a furry friend to match their personality, level of activity, and lifestyle. Activity-loving and sporting families can provide great homes for high-energy pets, so let’s take a look at the best pets for active families.

What are the best pets for kids to play with?

Children who grow up with pets tend to have more empathy and compassion for others than those who don’t. So, which pets are the best for children? The answers may surprise you and may even change your mind about adopting a(nother) pet.

What to expect when your dog’s expecting

At any given time, there are plenty of playful puppies needing homes. Do you know where puppies come from? How long is dog gestation? And what happens during the birthing process? We answer all those questions…

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