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Showing 1–12 of 26 results

Fish food for pet fish has come a long way since the days of dropping some fish flakes into a goldfish’s stagnant water bowl. Just have a browse at the wide range of fish feeding solutions on Pet Hero to see how fish food technology has improved over the years. We stock fish food for goldfish, cold-water fish, tropical fish, bottom-feeding plecos and ornamental fish. Going on holiday and no one is around to feed your fishy friend? No worries – we stock holiday fish food that will give your fish their nibbles (and give you peace of mind) for up to 14 days. 

What is the best food to feed your fish?

As with all animals, your pet fish’s nutrition is the foundation of their health. Find a pet fish food that has been specially designed for their species and carefully read the feeding guidelines. Fish that overfeed are unhealthy – plus, if you put too much fish food in your tank and the fish don’t eat it because it floats or sinks, it can affect the quality of your tank water. Too much fish food also means a lot more fish poop, which can also affect the fish tank’s ecosystem. The best fish food to feed your fish is designed with their optimal health in mind. Is your fish a carnivore or herbivore? Do they feed from the top of the water or the bottom of the tank? If you have multiple fish species in your fish tank, you will need to buy a variety of fish food to ensure all their needs are met.

Should I feed my fish every day?

Smaller herbivorous fish should be fed every day (sometimes even twice a day while they are still growing), while larger carnivorous fish do not need to be fed as frequently. If you are going away on holiday or just away for the weekend and are worried about your fish not being fed during that time, Pet Hero has the perfect products for you: Weekend food for ornamental fish, and Holiday fish food.

Pet Hero stocks all the best nutrient-enriched fish food that is not only good for your fish, but great for your tank water.