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Puppy care

A step-by-step guide to your puppy’s health

If you’re thinking of adopting a new puppy, that fuzzy baby’s adorableness can eclipse the real responsibility that’s required in raising a healthy pup. Here’s all you need to consider when it comes to your new puppy’s health and routine, when building a strong foundation for their future.

To house-train or crate train? That is the question

Your new puppy will pee and poop in the house because 1. they don’t know any better, and 2. they can’t yet control their bladder and bowels. Crate training and house-training are the methods used to ensure your puppy quickly learns to do their business outside. Here’s how:

5 Things to do to puppy-proof your home

It’s almost time for your new puppy to come home – are you prepawed for their arrival? We’re talking about puppy-proofing your home to ensure both you and your new pup can adjust and adapt to living with each other. Adopting a pupp y and bringing them home is going to require a few changes around the house as well as a change in routine, so to make sure you’re prepared, we’ve compiled this list of things to do to when you get a new puppy.

How to introduce your new puppy to your other pets

Your puppy will want to make friends with your other pets, so here is some step-by-step advice on how to introduce your new pup to your established pets. We also answer the question of whether it’s okay to introduce your puppy to other dogs.

Puppy starter kit checklist: What you need for a new puppy

Are you preparing for the arrival of your new puppy? We can just imagine your excitement! The best way to get ready for your puppy’s first day home is to order a puppy starter kit, which contains all the essential puppy items to make them comfortable and happy. Here’s some advice to pick the right items for your unique puppy, from Pet Hero’s extensive selection of products!

Puppies vs kittens: Which is easier to house train?

House training your new pet is one of the first steps to undertake when you bring your fluff-ball back home after adoption. Let’s look at puppy and kitten house training, which is easier to train and why.

Want to Train Your Dog? Start Here!

A well-behaved, well-mannered and obedient dog is the ultimate reward for every dog owner who is prepared to put in the time and effort. It’s

Protect your pet from these poisonous plants

In South Africa there are fortunately not as many cases of domestic animals falling victim to their curiosity around poisonous plants as there are in other parts of the world. This doesn’t make our gardens any less dangerous to our pets, though. Here are some common poisonous plants in South African gardens:

Vaccinating your pet

Vaccines help prepare the body’s immune system to fight the invasion of disease-causing organisms. Vaccines contain antigens, which look like the disease-causing organism to the immune system, but don’t actually cause disease. When the vaccine is introduced to the body, the immune system is mildly stimulated. If a pet is ever exposed to the real disease, his immune system is now prepared to recognise and fight it off entirely or reduce the severi

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