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One of the coolest ways of individualising your dog is dressing them in a jacket or jersey that matches their personality. Of course, they don’t know that – to them, that cosy jersey just helps them to keep warm on morning walkies during the winter months! Pet Hero has a super spunky range of dog apparel, jackets, bandanas and pyjamas to suit all snuggly pups who need some extra protection against the cold.

Should dogs wear jerseys?

Dogs should wear jerseys, but not only for fashion reasons. Short-haired dogs like greyhounds, whippets, pit bulls, fox- and Jack Russell terriers, mini pinschers, etc. sometimes need extra cover from the cold. If your dog shivers and/or has cold extremities (toes, ears, nose and tail) while out on walkies with you, maybe their fur is not adequate cover and they need a little synthetic help with keeping warm. Even longer-haired dogs may have trouble regulating their body temperature, in which case, they’d appreciate a doggy jersey when the temperatures drop. 

Do dogs really need clothes?

Yes, for all the reasons mentioned above and then some! Dog apparel has come a long way in catering to our dogs’ needs. Just browse through Pet Hero’s Clothing and Accessories for Dogs category and you’ll see that there’s something for everyone. Don’t get caught out in sudden rain showers while walking your dog – choose from various raincoats for dogs here. Are you a water-sports junkie? Now your dog can join you with this doggy life jacket! Having a fun day out on a hot day? Your pup may need a cooling jacket to prevent them from overheating. Dog booties protect dogs’ paws, especially on rough, cold or hot walking surfaces. 

What’s the purpose of dog bandanas?

Dog scarves or doggy bandanas communicate to other pet walkers and pedestrians whether your dog is friendly (green), nervous (orange/yellow), has a disability (deaf; blind – white) or any other message that appears on the bandana. This is to prevent any misunderstandings – especially when people just want to approach your dog… because, who wouldn’t?! Dogs are awesome!