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It’s not only your cat’s food that is impurrtant for her health, but also her food and water bowls, how fast or slow she eats, and what happens during mealtimes when you’re not at home. Some cats eat way too fast, which can cause digestive issues – so puzzle toys, interactive food bowls and other slow-eating accessories can help to curb their enthusiasm.

The wide range of cat feeding accessories on Pet Hero means that we understand that all cats have different needs and preferences, and we distribute the products that can purrfectly meet those needs. We care that your cat not only enjoys her kitty meal, but that she does so healthily, stylishly and hygienically.

And, to keep your cat hydrated, we also stock a wide range of drinking fountains (including replacement filters and pumps) to ensure your pretty kitty gets only the freshest and cleanest water after her yummy meals and treats. 

If your pudgy purry is on a diet and needs very exactly measured portions of food, we’ve got you covered with this handy digital measuring scoop! Are you hand-rearing new-born kittens and need to ensure they get the right nutrition? Try the Handi Feeder for delicate little mouths. Food storage containers? You’ll find them right here.