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Showing 1–12 of 75 results

While your own bed is a place of comfort, rest and relaxation, so too is your dog’s bed his zone of zzz – the place he can retire to for a snooze or just take a timeout. No two dog beds are the same, and each dog will have unique requirements for his bed based on size, age, and conditions like arthritis or overheating.

Which dog beds are best?

The best dog beds are those that are soft and comfortable, but durable and keep their shape, no matter how much downtime your dog enjoys. Beds with a waterproof cover work well for dogs who love the outdoors and whose beds need regular cleaning of muddy paw prints! Some dogs will prefer a cave to retreat into, while others will enjoy a raised bed from which to survey their surroundings.

Which dog beds are best for arthritis?

Many dog beds become compressed and lose their original shape over time. Fortunately memory foam is the best solution to ensure your older dog’s joints are supported. Dog-O-Pedic and Rosewood Pet Bedding offer orthopaedic solutions for dogs with arthritis or those recovering from surgery.

What is the most durable dog bed?

Beds that are made for the outdoors will be more durable to withstand the elements. But durability relies on proper use and care of your dog’s bed. A removable cover provides a washable barrier between the mattress and your dog’s daily movements and activities. The Pet Works Sheruff Jumbo Cushion and M-Pets Falster Outdoor Cushion are good examples of highly durable dog beds.