Small Animal Cages and Accessories

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Showing 1–12 of 31 results

Small animal enclosures are designed with your small animal’s needs in mind. Some cages and enclosures are too small for your fuzzy friend to live in them 24/7, but they make great ‘nests’ for small pets when they are not playing, exploring and otherwise living a healthy life outside of the cage. Hamsters love to forage and explore, which is why their enclosures should have tunnels and tubes and a range of accessories that allow them to engage in their natural behaviours. However, they feel insecure when in a large enclosure or open area because they are prey animals and are wary of being exposed to winged predators. They feel safer when they can burrow and nest, but they do still love to move about under the cover of night. 

Can my guinea pig live in a hamster cage?

Guinea pigs, however, will feel very stressed out in a small cage, since they prefer to feel like they can move around and explore in a much wider area. While guinea pigs thrive as pets and in companionship with other guinea pigs, they also need ‘alone time’, so your guinea pig’s enclosure needs to factor this in as well. 

What small animals can be in cages?

Any small pet can be housed in a cage, but how long they stay in the cage should determine its size and how many accessories you need to keep your small animal stimulated and enriched. If the cage is simply to keep your small animal in while he sleeps or while you’re busy working, then it need not be colossal, but our small animals need freedom of movement, engagement and interaction with you, and the ability to explore and exhibit their natural behaviours and instincts. Similarly, rabbit hutches are not meant as a lifelong enclosure for your pet bunny, but rather to house them while you are unable to supervise his outdoor/indoor play.

Be sure to shop all of your small animal cage and accessories needs here at Pet Hero. Make sure your small animal has a constant supply of fresh water, comfortable bedding, a hiding space, and enrichment accessories like climbers, exercise wheels, and snacks to forage for.