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Savannah cat breed – Facts and traits

The Savannah cat is a true wild beauty! She’s a hybrid between an African serval and a domestic cat and is a very new breed. Her gorgeous markings and sociable personality along with her wild streak make her an enviable breed. Read more about the Savannah cat.

Siamese cat breed – Facts and traits

The Siamese cat is a domestic beauty and is very verbal and active. Therefore you need to do your homework if you are considering one of these extremely intelligent cats. The Siamese cat is known for their enchanting, beautiful, icy blue eyes and the dark point markings on their ears, legs, tail and snout. Read more about this majestic blue-eyed cat.

Bengal cat breed – Facts and traits

If you are looking for an intelligent, energetic, playful, hybrid breed domestic short hair cat, then look no further! The Bengal cat shouts out utter beauty, due to their descendant, the Asian Leopard cat. With their distinct marks the Bengal cat walks around confidently. They are very healthy and friendly cats with A LOT of energy. These cats are very easy to train and can keep you busy for hours. You will love every single minute of it. Read m

American curl cat breed – Facts and traits

The American Curl Cat Breed – named after the signature curl of their ears. Curls have qualities other than their whimsical ears to make them attractive pets. They are people cats and are great for first time cat owners. Read more about this beautiful curly eared feline, it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling just looking at the picture.

Abyssinian cat breed – Facts and traits

The Abyssinian Cat, also known as the Aby cat, is one of the oldest breeds, but has a very covered mysterious history. The Aby cat is extremely intelligent, loves being up high and is always ready to play a game. The Aby cat easily adapts to its environment and is truly a beauty to look at.

Domestic shorthair cat breed – Facts and traits

The domestic shorthair – it’s this cat that most people will picture in their minds when thinking of a cat. The DSH is a mixed bag of colours and personality, characterised only by its short coat. With its mixed history and general hardiness, anything goes with the alley cat.


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