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Cat collars come in many different colours and designs. It is essential that your cat wears a collar as this is the easiest way to attach her ID tag to her. Should she roam a little further than your home or yard, concerned passers-by can see that she belongs to someone and, if she gets lost, a helpful person will be able to contact you via information on the collar. 

Should cats be wearing collars?

Absolutely, yes. Your cat’s collar shows that she belongs to you – just by the mere presence of the collar, others can see she is a domesticated cat. Cat collars come in many different colours and have a D-ring on which to attach your cat’s ID tag, allowing you to personalise and identify your cat’s swag.

Which collars are best for cats?

The best collars for cats are the ones they wear. Wearing a collar serves to identify your cat should she go missing or roam far from home. However, it can also warn your cat’s potential prey – lizards, birds and rodents – that your cat is nearby. Many cat collars come with bells attached, giving your cat’s approach a cute jingle and allowing little garden critters to hide before they are targeted by your feline friend.

Pet Hero’s range of cat collars offer you the choice of a variety of colours and styles, some of which are also made from recycled plastic so you can do your bit for the environment. When you fasten your cat’s collar around her neck, make sure you can fit two fingers beneath the collar and her neck. Check the sizing intermittently to ensure the collar always fits properly.