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Showing 1–12 of 87 results

The best part of adopting a puppy is watching the little tyke grow up into your new best furry friend. And the only way for your pup to grow up healthy and happy is to feed them the best puppy food you can afford. All puppies are different, which means they need the most appropriate puppy nutrition for their size, breed and constitution.

What food is best for a puppy?

Puppies need specially formulated dog food to give them the right balance of the macro- and micronutrients their bodies need during this impawtant growth phase. Small breed puppies also have different needs to large breed puppies, which is why you must choose the right food based on their individual requirements. Generally, puppies need good quality proteins to help their muscle development; adequate fat content to supply their high energy needs; and a range of vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids to assist bone, brain, organ, skin, coat and nervous system development.

How to choose the best puppy food for your pup

Browse our wide range of puppy food, especially the premium brand dog foods, and choose the one that best describes your dog. Are they a small, medium or large breed dog? Check each product description to ensure the food is right for your puppy. And while you’re at it, find the pawfect food bowl or slow-feeder in which to serve up your pup’s yummy food!

Your puppy also asks that you not forget the treats!