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Showing 1–12 of 51 results

Living with pets means appreciating the furry companionship of dogs in your home. What could be more rewarding than the unconditional love of a dog? However, dogs do leave traces of themselves all over the place to remind you that Ruff wuz here – not only shed fur, but lick stains, puke, mystery smells they’ve rolled in, grass and dirt marks, and the ever-present muddy paw prints. To combat that pet aroma and clean off any dirt your dog may deposit in your home, Pet Hero has a whole arsenal of cleaning and odour control products specially meant for use with, around and because of dogs.

What cleaning products are safe to use with pets?

From disinfecting surfaces to removing very specific pet stains, these cleaning and odour control products are manufactured by pet specialists and chemists. Not only are these products designed to do a very tough job, but they are intended for use in and around the areas your dog frequents. Cleaning products that are designed for use around pets are made up of completely different ingredients to regular cleaning products. Many of these products contain natural enzymes and ‘good bacteria’ that target pathogens and bad bacteria in their cleaning action. Even better: they are safe enough to use on and around your furniture and carpets. Always read the instructions and apply accordingly.

Is cleaning with bleach safe for pets?

No! The chlorine in bleach is highly toxic to dogs – inside and out – so it’s best to use cleaning products specially manufactured and intended for doggy stains and odours. Bio-enzymatic, antibacterial, non-toxic and odour-neutralising products mean that pet dirt, stains and odours are not merely masked; they are tackled at the source – bacteria are broken down and neutralised, which means cleaning and deodorising become natural processes. Search our wide range of products to find the doggy cleaning aid that’s best for you and your pup.