Bird Care and Health

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The best way to care for a pet bird and keep them healthy is to ensure they get proper nutrition with a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as a specialised bird food. Adequate play, training and interaction will ensure they are emotionally healthy. If, however, your bird experiences parasites, poor plumage or appears poorly, it’s time for an urgent visit to the vet. 

How do you keep a pet bird healthy?

A clean cage and home are the first port of call for a healthy bird. However, poor immunity or exposure to parasites can lead to a range of health issues. Fortunately, these can be treated and your bird’s health restored – just always keep an eye on them and make sure you can recognise the symptoms or changes in behaviour that could indicate a decline in their health.

What are the signs of a healthy bird?

From top to toe: bright, shiny eyes are the first sign of good health. Full, shiny plumage (feathers), which your bird takes care of and takes pride in with healthy grooming. An alertness of their surroundings as well as lots of energy, bolstered by a good appetite – these are great signs of a healthy pet bird. Any deviation from this, especially with behaviours like feather-plucking, lack of interest, no appetite, or anything other than healthy droppings, and it’s time to go and see the vet!