Mature and Senior Dog Food

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Showing 1–12 of 47 results

Every dog has his day – and that day arrived when veterinary nutritionists discovered that dogs’ nutritional needs change as they age. Enter the dog food varieties for senior dogs. Older dogs need nutrition that focuses on moderate amounts of protein to save their muscle mass and protect their kidneys, less fat to support their lower exercise needs and prevent weight gain, and more anti-oxidants to protect their ageing cells.

What kind of food is best for senior dogs?

This wholly depends on your dog’s size, age, and overall health. Find the senior dog food that is right for your dog’s breed and size, especially since larger dogs age faster than smaller breeds, and need to adopt a senior food earlier. It’s also important to track your senior dog’s health status with an
annual check-up at the vet and then adapt their nutrition with the appropriate diet (i.e. for kidney health, joint health, skin health, dental health, etc.).

Is wet or dry dog food better for senior dogs?

Whether you feed your senior smooshy a wet food or dry food (or both) is up to their tastes, preferences and health. Many dog experts recommend dry food so that your furry friend experiences the benefit of the crunch, which helps to keep their teeth clean. However, many older dogs have missing, sensitive or otherwise weaker teeth, so hard kibble may not be that comfortable for them to eat. If you only feed wet food, be sure to brush your pup’s teeth daily to ensure their dental health is in check.

Does senior dog food make a difference?

If your older dog has painful joints thanks to degenerative joint disease or arthritis, wouldn’t it make sense to feed them specially-designed nutrition that addresses that pain and inflammation? The same goes for other senior dog health requirements. Choose a senior pet food from Pet Hero and feed it to your dog for a month or two… and watch the youthful shine return!