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A hero’s work is never done, so we want to take some responsibility off your plate and help you save by making use of our convenient AutoShip option. With regular repeated orders, you can select the frequency at which you need a specific product and we’ll do the rest. Not only will you get your weekly, monthly, quarterly or biannual deliveries right on time, but you’ll also save 10% on all repeat orders.

How AutoShip Works

  1. Select your product. Go through our catalogue and select the product you want to AutoShip.
  2. Select your frequency. Before you add your product to your cart, select the AutoShip option and choose a frequency for your AutoShip order. Take note: this is the date your card will be debited, not the delivery date. Deliveries take 3 – 7 business days after payment.
  3. Complete your order. Review your order and complete your order process.
  4. Receive your orders. Your orders will be created and charged automatically for you, so you can get back to business as usual – like playing with Rex, grooming Milo or staying trapped on the couch with Sassie on your lap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AutoShip is Pet Hero’s convenient tool for managing recurring orders on your behalf. It takes the fuss out of having to remember when to fill Rex’s food bin or Mitzy’s litter tray – let Pet Hero do it for you! You simply select the frequency at which you need your recurring items – be it food, cat litter, dewormer or tick and flea treatments, etc. – and AutoShip will send you a notification when your goods are due to be debited. The payment happens automatically on your selected date and your Pet Hero goods are then delivered 3 – 7 business days after payment.

Signing up for AutoShip is easy! You can sign up while browsing on a product page or while reviewing items in your shopping cart. Simply select the AutoShip option for your desired product, select your preferred shipment frequency, and then check out as normal. Remember: you’ll get 10% off your first AutoShip order and all repeat orders.

Once you’ve signed up, AutoShip is easy to manage. You can change your next order date, change your selected frequency, or cancel a subscription by visiting the AutoShip orders section of your Pet Hero account page. Once you cancel your order, it will no longer be visible and will not be processed in the future.

Yes. You can change the date of your next AutoShip order. Go to your account page and change the next order date of the relevant AutoShip order. The earliest you can set the date is 4 days from now. If you need your order delivered faster, please contact us.

To cancel a subscription, visit the AutoShip orders section of your Pet Hero account page and click ‘Cancel’ next to the specific order or ‘Remove’ next to the specific product you wish to cancel.

If you are planning to reactivate your AutoShip again or if you are only temporarily cancelling because you still have some food left, consider pausing your AutoShip instead.

To pause a subscription, visit the AutoShip orders section of your Pet Hero account page and click ‘Pause’ next to the specific order. You can choose for how long you want to pause your AutoShip in increments of your order frequency (e.g. 1 month, 2 months, etc. or 3 months, 6 months, etc.).

AutoShip orders are only valid and active once the original order has been completed successfully. In this way, we ensure that orders are not created with incorrect payment details or when you have cancelled your order.

No. Product prices will be applied accordingly at the time of shipping. So if your product is on sale or in a promotion when your AutoShip order is processed, the sale price will automatically be applied to your order. If there is no promotion or sale, the product’s regular price will apply.

Yes! We will notify you 6 days before your AutoShip order is processed if the product is out of stock or discontinued. We will also stop your AutoShip order from being processed. Should the product be discontinued and you wish to order an alternative product, you can contact us for any advice on which product to order instead.

Should the product be out of stock after the 6 day notification and we did not send you a notification, your order will not contain the out of stock or discontinued product to avoid any issues, and we'll notify you on the day your order is processed that the product is out of stock or discontinued.

All AutoShip orders require a debit or credit card for payment.

This is because we only store a secure payment token from our payment gateway provider to process the payment automatically, which is not available on other payment methods.

Your debit or credit card will be charged on the day your order is placed. Delivery may take up to 3 – 7 business days following payment.

Short answer, no. You can only edit or cancel an AutoShip up to 24 hours before the next order date. If it is within 24 hours of the order date, the order will be processed and your card will be debited. If you require the AutoShip to be cancelled after this date, a refund will be required which can take up to 10 business days to process.

Only certain products are eligible for AutoShip. These are mainly repeat products like food, treats, tick & flea treatments, supplements, etc. Accessories and toys are generally not eligible for AutoShip.

No, only one discount may be applied to each item, but you will always receive the greatest discount available. If an item is on sale, you will receive the sale price only. If an item is regularly priced and not on sale, you will receive the AutoShip discount.

Yes! The AutoShip discount applies to all subscription items that do not already have a discount or promotional price applied. Get 10% off your first AutoShip order and a 10% discount will automatically be applied to all subsequent orders.

Short answer: No. Because AutoShip orders are already heavily discounted, loyalty points cannot be used on any AutoShip orders. Loyalty points can only be used on orders you manually place, so why not use them to buy a new toy?

AutoShip orders ship by our standard shipping method, which is calculated by order weight and shipping address. For more information on our shipping charges, see the Shipping section on our website.

Yes. You can add more AutoShip products to order along with your existing AutoShip orders, or you can add a once-off product to be delivered with an AutoShip order. Once-off products require an existing AutoShip order to be processed.

You can visit your account page and set the frequency of each AutoShip order you have with us.

You can add your new address in your account and change your AutoShip delivery address to the new one.

When you edit your billing or shipping address, ensure that you choose which of of your existing AutoShip orders’ addresses you want to change as well. This is found at the bottom of the address form.

If no AutoShip order is chosen when updating an address, they will remain at the address they were previously without change.

You can add your new card to your account and change your AutoShip order to debit from the new card by choosing the card on you AutoShip orders.

AutoShip Terms & Conditions

When you purchase any eligible product on AutoShip you will save 10% on your first order and on each subsequent order. You will be able to select how often you would like your product(s) delivered. Pet Hero reserves the right to change AutoShip benefits at any time at its sole discretion, including discount amounts and eligibility used to determine discount amounts. All changes will apply to future orders, including current subscriptions. Some of the offer details may change as you receive deliveries over time (for example, price, taxes, availability, shipping charges).

Notifications: Automatic Order Creation

When you order an eligible product and enrol in our AutoShip programme, you will be notified that your AutoShip subscription has been created and that your first order will be processed. Your AutoShip order will thereafter automatically create a new order according to your chosen order frequency until you cancel it. Prior to the processing of each subsequent order, you will receive a notification including your estimated pricing. You will then have 48 hours to make any changes to your AutoShip. To make any changes to your existing AutoShip subscription simply login to your Pet Hero account.

Eligible Purchases

AutoShip benefits are limited to eligible products displaying the AutoShip symbol.  All returns under AutoShip are subject to the Pet Hero Returns Policy.

Pet Hero reserves the right to remove the discount for orders that go to the same address from multiple accounts if Pet Hero finds that the account holder is manipulating the system in any way.

Pricing Payment Renewal

The amount charged for an eligible product will be the price of that item on our site at the time your order is processed or lower. The total cost charged to your payment method for each AutoShip order will be the price of the item, less the AutoShip discount, plus any applicable shipping charges and sales tax.

The charge for each AutoShip item shipped will be billed to the payment method used to create your subscription or as otherwise directed by you. If we are unable to complete your AutoShip order with the payment method you used to create your subscription, the order will be created with a “Pending Payment” state. We will inform you when payment failed via email, where you can navigate to the order and make a manual payment. Pet Hero is under no obligation to process your payment should it fail the first time.  

Your subscription will remain in effect until it is cancelled. You can cancel at any time via AutoShip Orders, which can be found in your account.

Agreement Changes

We may, at our sole discretion, change these Terms, (including all applicable terms, conditions, limitations and requirements on the website), without notice to you.

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