Grain-Free Dog Food

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Showing 1–12 of 36 results

Grain-free dog food varieties are different from regular dog food in that do not contain cereal grains like corn, wheat, rice, barley, sorghum, and rye. These grains can be potential allergens for dogs with food allergies. Some dogs with sensitive stomachs can also react negatively to dog food containing grains, in which case grain-free dog food is a potential solution to help them better absorb the nutrients they need.

Is grain-free dog food good for dogs?

Grain-free food is fantastic for dogs whose allergies are triggered by grains. They do not contain any grain ingredients. Instead, the grains that would have been in the food are substituted by a higher protein content in the form of animal protein, as well as legumes and pulses like lentils and peas, and potato and beet pulp. If your dog does not have an allergy or negative reaction to grains in their dog food, then feeding them a grain-free food is your choice and not their necessity. If their condition improves with a grain-free diet, then yes, it is good for them.

Do vets recommend grain-free diets for dogs?

It may take a long process of elimination to diagnose a grain allergy, but if your dog is allergic to grains, then your vet will most likely recommend a grain-free nutrition solution. Chances are, you will find that grain-free dog food on Pet Hero! Healthy dogs who are able to digest grains and who thrive on a dog food that contains grains, do not need a grain-free dog food. However, some dogs do better on a grain-free dog food, while some do not – it all depends on the individual animal. If in doubt, ask your vet for a recommendation for your furry friend.