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Showing 1–12 of 16 results

Whether your female furry friend is having puppies or you’re in the precarious pawsition of caring for tiny puppies whose mother is no longer around, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our selection of newborn dog and puppy support products.

What items are needed for newborn puppies?

For tiny puppies with no mommy dog in sight, puppy carers will need a nutritional substitute – like milk formula for puppies. And the best way to feed the formula to those pups is with a nursing kit. In a situation where you’re caring for mom and her babies, choose specially formulated starter food that support her dietary needs so she can produce enough milk for her pups. As they are weaning, they can also be fed this same food.

What do you need for a baby dog?

Starter puppy food for weaning puppies is a great place for your new furry puppy friend to get his first taste of semi-solid food. But don’t forget the puppy pads… it’s all gotta go somewhere! When your puppy is ready for the house-training phase of his puppydom, he’ll be teething too, so don’t forget lots of yummy puppy treats and teething toys as well!