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What’s the one thing that makes your car cooler than anyone else’s? Your DOG, of course! But in order to transport your pup safely in your Furrari, you may need a few accessories from the Pet Hero store. 

How do I keep my dog safe in my car?

There are many great ways to keep your dog safe in your car because, let’s face it, the roads are a jungle out there! From car seat hammocks to travel crates, safety belt clips and even booster seats for little dogs, to dog seat belts and car nets – these items will keep your travel buddy in the back seat to makes sure they do not become a distraction while you drive.

How can I get my old dog into and out of my car?

Old dogs who may be suffering with painful osteoarthritis, or dogs who may have genetically inherited hip and elbow dysplasia should not be trying to jump into and out of vehicles. This can only exacerbate the impact on already painful joints. Furtunately pet stairs and pet ramps were designed for just this purpose. They also ensure that little dogs can get into and out of vehicles without needing to be picked up and carried all the time.

How dog owners keep their cars clean

Car seat covers, car seat hammocks, and car boot covers are all designed to give your car maximum protection from dirt and fur, and give your dog maximum comfort on the way to and from their adventure. And, if a loose dog hair or three escape from your furry friend, it’s nothing that a lint roller can’t take care of!