Repellents for cats

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Showing all 9 results

Of course, your cat is absolutely ameowsing, which is why she attracts all kinds of attention. Unfurtunately, flies, bugs and other parasites find her irresistible as well, and will try what they can to be near her. Ticks, fleas, mites and other biting creatures are not very good for your cat’s health, but that’s where you come in…

What is a safe insect repellent for cats?

Never ever use a general insect repellent around your cat. They contain active ingredients that are not safe for pets, and cats are particularly sensitive to these toxic ingredients. Instead, browse Pet Hero for an extensive selection of pest repellents for cats – you can’t go wrong with a long-lasting and effective spot-on for cats, fly-repellent sprays, and other parasite-repelling products for cats.

Want to keep ticks away without the chemicals? Try an ultrasonic tick and flea repellent for your cat, which works for 6-12 months. Pet Hero has many options to choose from. 

What is an effective cat repellent?

On the flipside of this coin, if you want to keep your cat out of the garden, stop her from scratching the furniture, or deter negative kitty-cat behaviour, you may be looking for a cat repellent. Teach your cat to stay away from cat-unfriendly areas, or keep the neighbours’ cats out of your garden, with repellent sprays and liquid bitter solutions. Be a pet hero and, instead of just repelling your cat’s natural behaviours, give her something else to focus on: e.g. if you want her off the newly washed laundry, buy her an enticing cat tree or comfy new bed. Want her to stop scratching the couch leg? Buy her a scratching post, scratching board, puzzle toy or wobbler.