Basic Wound Treatment for Dogs

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Whether sunburn, self-injury on a sharp object, or the neighbour’s unruly dog (your dog’s pawtal enemy?) – there’s no telling what kind of scrap your four-legged friend could get into, but it’s important to always be prepared. In the (hopefully unlikely) event of your dog needing minor wound treatment, shop our comprehensive range of pet-friendly, vet-recommend wound care products for dogs.

How can I treat my dog’s wound at home?

If your dog has a deep laceration or flesh wound, you should probably take them to the vet to be properly disinfected and stitched up. Minor cuts, grazes, scratches and scrapes shouldn’t need a veterinary consultation and you’ll be able to give your dog some loving treatment at home. In these instances, you should first make sure the wound is clean. Spray-application wound cleaners are best for this. Then you’ll need a germicidal barrier in the form of a spray, gel or ointment, to prevent infection. Lastly, if necessary, bandage the wound to protect it, or use a medical collar to stop your dog from licking or nibbling at their wound.

What can I put on my dog’s wound to help it heal?

To keep your dog’s wound clean, promote tissue regeneration, and help it to heal, use a spray or gel intended for wound care. 

Can you put Neosporin on a dog wound?  

Human antibacterial ointment, Neosporin, can be used on dogs in very small amounts, but even the manufacturer does not recommend using it on animals. Furtunately, your dog won’t need a human alternative because Pet Hero has enough dog-friendly wound care products for you to choose from!

When travelling with your pet, always keep a pet first-aid kit handy to be prepared in case of any away-from-home accidents or injuries. 

We hope your furry friend recovers very soon!