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What causes cat hairballs?

When cats get hairballs, it can be unpleasant for both your purry friend and you. Retching up a hairball seems to be a normal part of being a cat, but it can also be quite dangerous. What causes cat hairballs? How can your cat avoid them? When do they become a problem? Let’s find out…

Symptoms of a sensitive stomach in your pets

Like people, most pets will experience some kind of digestive upset in their lives. However, sometimes these problems are built in and pets need a long-term solution to help manage them. Discover the clues to your pet’s sensitive stomach and what you can do about it.

How to give your pet the best senior years

As our pets age, their health, activity and lifestyle needs will change. The transition in dogs and cats from adult to senior may be subtle, but recognise the signs that your pet is getting older. Here’s what you can do to help your pet get the most out of their senior years.

How to harmonise your cat and dog household

Dogs and cats have been portrayed as mortal enemies since time immemorial. Fighting like cats and dogs; Garfield and Odie – do opposites attract? But as owners of dual, cat-and-dog households will tell you, it’s possible to love both species equally and for them to get along. Here’s how:

Play these 5 exciting games with your cat

Engage your cat and build a tight bond with your feline friend by playing these cat games. And don’t worry if she’s the queen of indifference, we’ve got some great tips to help you and your cat enjoy a daily play session that neither of you will be able to resist!

Do cats need coats in cold weather?

Your cat may have purrfectly Instagram-worthy features, but don’t put cat clothes on her just for the double-taps or Facebook Likes. You might ask, “But what if it’s cold?” Here’s all you need to know about cats wearing coats in winter.


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