Cat care

Emigrating with their pets

There are thousands of people emigrating all over the world. Emigrating is a very stressful time, there are so many questions going through your mind and there are constant concerns, but, one thing you are certain of is that your pet/-s are definitely going with!

Dealing with stress in dogs and cats

Similar to how we deal with feelings of overwhelmedness and agitation, there are some situations our pets can not thrive in. What may look like a sudden, distasteful change in attitude and behaviour, may be your pet’s way of letting you know that they are stressed.

Spring cleaning tips for cat lovers

Get out those mops and put on your rubber gloves, because spring is here and it’s time to clean house! Many pet owners are getting ready to tackle their to-do lists and spice up their home. As you make plans to sweep and dust, consider including a few activities to make the next few weeks easier on you and your cat.

Pet medical insurance

Is pet medical insurance worth the money? Does your dog or cat need to be covered? What are the chances of something going wrong? What is the right thing to do? Having pet insurance can help, read more and find out why:

Cats and winter – how to make them comfortable

Cats are truly amazing animals. They are very proud and will never show weakness, just like a lion in the jungle. Showing pain is just unacceptable. Now knowing this, you will need to keep a close eye on your flossy little tiger, especially if they are more mature and/or a roamer.

How pets affect your child

Many studies have shown that, in general, dogs and cats (or any other pet) have played a very positive roll in children. By giving your child the opportunity to be responsible for their own pet, does not only teach them to be responsible but so much more:

Why does my cat bite me?

Cats… why do they bite? Have you ever wondered why your cat bites you for no reason at all? One minute it’s all prrrrrrr and the next you get a big open cat mouth biting your hand! What did you do wrong? Why did your cat bite you? Find out more about what triggers your cat to bite:

DIY cat hammock

What? A hammock for a cat? Yes, that’s right. Cats love to lounge around, or rather love hanging around. But one thing we all know, cats really enjoy lying around in the sun. That is why a no-sew DIY hammock is perfect to put near your window. Your cat will enjoy its ‘hanging around’ a lot more than normal.

How to clean your cat’s litter box

Pheeeuuwww nobody likes it but it needs to be done – cleaning your cat’s litter tray is always the last thing on the to-do list, but we do not like a dirty look and nor does your purry friend. Read our life hack blog on cleaning your cat’s litter box with no fuss at all.


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