Play these 5 exciting games with your cat

Engage your cat and build a tight bond with your feline friend by playing these cat games. And don’t worry if she’s the queen of indifference, we’ve got some great tips to help you and your cat enjoy a daily play session that neither of you will be able to resist!

Do cats need coats in cold weather?

Your cat may have purrfectly Instagram-worthy features, but don’t put cat clothes on her just for the double-taps or Facebook Likes. You might ask, “But what if it’s cold?” Here’s all you need to know about cats wearing coats in winter.

Cat care for wintertime

South African winters are sunny and moderate compared to the northern hemisphere, but even so, indoor and outdoor cats are still affected by the mid-year chill. No matter the breed, habits or personality of your cat, you’ll need to make some adjustments to ensure she stays warm and dry this winter.

How can you tell if your cat is cold?

We associate bundles of fur with warmth and the purrfect winter accessories. Since a cat is practically a bundle of fur with a feeding habit, isn’t it safe to assume that she’ll be warm in winter? In short, no. Here’s how to tell if your cat is getting cold this winter.

The multifunctional cat tongue

If your cat has ever licked your hand or arm, you’ll know that her tongue feels like nothing else on this earth. Many cat owners describe that feeling as ‘sandpapery’, yet the structure of your cat’s tongue resembles a forest of barbs. Here’s more on what your cat’s tongue looks like… and why.


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