Deworming for Dogs

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Dogs have their noses and mouths near the ground, near their bums and near other dogs’ bums all the time. They roll in interesting scents, nibble on rodents, lizards and birds, and generally get up to shenanigans that involve eating things they shouldn’t. These shenanigans expose them to worm larvae and worm eggs, which then find their way into the perfect breeding ground: dogs’ intestines.

What is the most effective dewormer for dogs?

The most effective dog dewormer is the one that is fed to your dog on a regular basis – the preventative. Pet Hero’s broad range of deworming products caters to dogs of all sizes and ages. It’s also important to deworm all the animals in your household at the same time, to completely eliminate the presence of worms.

Can I deworm my dog at home?

Vets recommend that pet owners regularly deworm their dogs at home, which will prevent the dogs from getting worms and eliminate those already present (if any). This will ensure your pets do not suffer from the symptoms of worms, and that intestinal parasites don’t harm your dog’s ability to absorb nutrients from their food. 

How often should I deworm my dog?

This depends on the dewormer itself. Choose the dewormer that best suits your dog’s needs and then follow the product instructions carefully. Repeat the necessary dosage of dewormer as instructed. Heavily infested dogs should be dewormed more regularly in the beginning, while regular dosages are spaced further apart. Always read the product instructions before deworming your dog and use the product as recommended.

What happens if I don’t deworm my dog?

Not only are intestinal parasites harmful to your dog, but they can be transferred to you too! Those loving doggy licks and kisses may be cute, but they can transfer worm eggs to your face (ew!). Let this also be a friendly reminder to always wash your hands after picking up your furry friend’s lawn ornaments.