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Showing all 8 results

Whether your female feline made a faux-paw with the neighbourhood tom cat and is expecting kittens or you’re in the precarious pawsition of caring for tiny babies with no mother cat, you’ll find newborn cat support right here. Browse Pet Hero’s selection of newborn cat support products.

How do I cope with a newborn cat?

Newborn kitten carers are a special kind of pet people, since they provide kittens with all the warmth, nutrition and care that helpless kitties may need. If the mother cat is not around, tiny kittens will need a milk substitute as well as a way to feed it, such as a pet nursing kit. As they grow, they will need to be moved onto kitten mousse and then eventually solid kitten food.

How do I help my mother cat with her newborn kittens?

As a cat mom is nursing her kittens, she will need additional calories and nutrients to feed her milk supply and care for her babies. Choose specially formulated starter food that supports her dietary needs so she can produce enough milk for her kittens. As they are weaning, they can also be fed the same food and then move on to kitten food as they grow. 

Browse Pet Hero’s range of newborn cat support products and choose the ones that will best suit your newborn kitten needs.