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The way your dog eats their food and drinks their water is an impawtant aspect of their health. Some dogs need raised dog food bowls to protect their neck and shoulder joints. Some dogs need rubber-bottomed food and water bowls to support their eating and drinking (and to protect your expensive flooring!).

Pet Hero stocks the ultimutt range of dog feeding accessories to give your dog the most efficient, comfortable and effective eating and drinking experience. From a variety of practical and aesthetically pleasing dog food and water bowls, to a wide range of fresh water drinking fountains, we also stock all of the filters, pumps and extra bits and bobs with which to maintain these accessories. 

Does your dog need very precisely measured portions of food? Cool – Pet Hero has you covered with this handy digital measuring scoop! Are you hand-rearing new-born kittens or puppies and need to ensure they get the right nutrition? Try the Handi Feeder for delicate little mouths. Food storage containers? Don’t worry – we got you!

Browse our wide range of feeding accessories and make sure your pooch is well-fed and thoroughly hydrated.