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Skin & Coat

The importance of taking care of your dog’s skin & coat

Your dog’s coat is their identity, their armour, their all-weather apparel and – most impawtantly – a very good barometer of the state of their health. Taking care of your dog’s coat is right near the top of your pet parenting priorities, so Pet Hero has compiled a thorough guide on skin and coat care for your furry friend.

5 Reasons dogs lose their hair and how to stop it

Dog hair loss or canine alopecia is quite common in adult pets. The tricky part is figuring out the cause of dog hair loss in order to fix it and try to get the fur to grow back (if possible). We explore 5 reasons why dogs lose their hair and how to treat it.

5 Ways to improve your dog’s skin and coat health

If your dog suffers from an allergic, red, inflamed, itchy skin, you’ll want to restore his skin and coat health as soon as possible. Here are five ways to address your dog’s deficiencies and rebuild his healthy skin and coat gently, safely and effectively.

How to treat hotspots on dogs

If your dog is worrying at himself – biting and licking the same spot on his body – his self-injury could be developing as a hotspot. Learn more about what a hotspot is, and whether you need a vet visit or you can treat your dog’s hotspot at home.

The different types of fur coats on dogs

How many different types of dog coats are there? Does it matter? There are so many different lengths, densities and textures of dog coats, which is relevant to how we groom our dogs. Find out more about your dog’s coat and the ideal way to groom it.

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