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Showing 1–12 of 33 results

Since cats spend the majority of their time resting, snoozing and relaxing – up to two thirds of the day! – it goes without saying that they ap-purr-eciate the quality of their sleeping quarters. While some cats like an open spot to simply lie down and sprawl out on, others prefer a high-sided ‘nest’ in which to find solace and comfort.

Do cats prefer open or covered beds?

This depends on the cat, your home, and the season. Cats are creatures of comfort, so if it’s a beautiful day, chances are they will stretch out on an open bed, blanket or mattress and catch forty winks (especially if this involves a sunbeam). On colder days, your cat may prefer to curl up in a high-sided cat bed (like the Nap Sack), which envelopes her body and retains the heat. She can still survey her surroundings and keep an eye on you. If your cat is more of a shadow ninja, preferring to snooze in the safety of a cave, then a closed, igloo-style bed may be more her thing.

Should I put a blanket on my cat when sleeping?

Absolutely. Cats love blankets. Not only will your cat find blankets soft and warm, they are also versatile, in that your cat can ‘nest’ in a blanket or crawl in underneath it when she needs to. Have several cat blankets available – your cat may prefer having more than one during winter time.

Do cats really need beds?

Ksssss! – What kind of a question is that?! While you may feel that your whole house belongs to your cat and you’re just the guest, your cat needs a kitty throne – a spot she feels belongs to only her, where she can go to recharge and be on her own. A cat bed is the purrfect solution!