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Most cats will be content with cat food that is packed with protein, has a yummy taste, and meets their needs for the right amounts of vitamins and minerals. Some cats will be picky eaters and demand a variety of flavours (usually not the ones you have in the pet food cupboard!), while others will have unique dietary requirements that require a specialised food. One of the reasons for needing specialised food could be your cat’s breed.

Do purebred cats need special cat food?

Cats come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, Maine Coons are large-bodied cats with long fur, while Sphynx cats are lean and hairless! Surely cats on total opposite ends of the spectrum would need different diets to best meet their nutritional needs. 

How does breed-specific cat food work?

Heavier cats will need the right kind of nutrients to protect their joints. Long-haired cats will need a dietary make-up that feeds their fur and skin health. Hairless cats will need higher calories in their diets to help them to stay warm, since they don’t have the weather protection of a fur coat. They will also need lean proteins to sustain their physique.

Purebred cats have very specific physiological differences between them, which are also taken into consideration when designing their nutrition. The Siamese cat, for instance, has an atypical jaw and eats her kibble in a different way to, say, a Persian cat. The Persian cat, though, is susceptible to hairballs because of all her grooming, so her breed-specific diet is formulated to reduce hairball formation. 

If you have a purebred cat, ask your vet to recommend a high-quality, breed-specific cat food for your purry friend, then use the convenience of front-door delivery with Pet Hero!