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Showing 1–12 of 99 results

The climate you live in, your dog’s genetics, a poor diet or even bathing your dog too regularly can all lead to a dry coat and itchy skin. Furtunately there are many pet dermatologists, animal lovers and skin care professionals who care about dogs’ skin and coat health. This is why Pet Hero has such a broad range of dog skin and coat care products for you to choose from and ensure your furry friend has a beautiful, shiny coat and healthy skin.

What can I do to make my dog’s skin better?

Many dogs suffer from dry, flaky skin, which makes them itch and scratch a lot more than they should. Depending on the source of your dog’s problem skin, you can fix the problem from the outside with nourishing shampoos, lotions and sprays, or you can approach the problem from the inside with nutritional supplements.

How to improve a dog’s skin and coat

Your dog may be genetically prone to dry skin or they may suffer from seasonal allergies. Whatever the cause (check with your vet first), the way to improve your dog’s skin and coat is with a holistic approach. Start from within, with a diet rich in healthy proteins, supplemented with omegas-3 and 6. Use a dietary oil or tonic to further support a healthy skin and coat.

For specific skin issues like sores, hot spots, dermatitis, and sun-sensitive problems, browse this great skin and coat care category to find only the best products Pet Hero has to offer.