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No two dogs are the same, which is why there is such a vast array of dog collars, leads and harnesses for sale in Pet Hero’s store. How do you choose the right collar, harness and leash? First measure your dog’s neck and body circumference to figure out what size collar or harness you need, then think about the type of dog your pup is when out on walkies…

Is a collar or harness better for dogs?

It depends on the dog. Collars are great for dogs that have excellent recall and leash manners because they know how to walk with a slack leash, which does not put any pressure on their neck. Dogs that pull or are prone to taking the lead when out on walkies can put pressure on their neck and spine, which can ultimately cause pain and injury. In these instances, a harness is more suitable, because it gives you more control without putting pressure on your dog’s neck and spine.

How do I stop my dog pulling on a harness?

Dogs love going for walkies and sniffing everything they can get their noses near! In a harness, this can lead them to pulling with greater gusto. To prevent this extra pulling, you can either get a no-pull harness, which is designed to slow your dog’s enthusiasm or a front control harness or head collar to train your dog not to pull during walkies.

How to fit a collar on my dog

A collar or harness must not be too tight so as to cause restriction, but it also mustn’t be too loose or your dog may slip out of it. Most collars and harnesses have adjustable straps and buckles, which means you can tighten or loosen them based on your dog’s size and shape. Always measure your dog and match those measurements to the collar and harness sizes given on our website.