Ear and Eye Care for Cats

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Showing 1–12 of 17 results

Cats’ super sensitive ears can be prone to irritation and infection, which is why it’s impurrtant to check your cat’s ears regularly for any symptoms of infection like redness, heat or an odour. Irritation in the ear can lead to excess ear wax, which can trap bacteria and fungi and put your cat’s ear health out of balance.

What can I clean my cat’s ears with?

There are many ear-cleaning solutions with which to clean your cat’s ears – many of which we stock right here on Pet Hero. Cleaning your cat’s ears is a fairly simple process with an ear cleaning product and a ball of cotton wool. Just make sure you read the directions for use on the individual product to ensure you apply it purroperly.

How do I clean my cat’s eyes?

A cat’s eyes are quite literally the hallmark of her being a cat – cats are known for their excellent vision and ability to see in the dark. But if your cat’s eyes are red, irritated, swollen or otherwise affected, an eye-cleaning solution can help to alleviate those symptoms. Read the instructions on the bottle of the eye-cleaner – these products are meant to wash or rinse your cat’s eyes, as well as remove tear stains from the fur around your cat’s eyes.

Cats and kittens can be susceptible to ear mites. Furtunately Pet Hero also stocks some great parasite control products to get rid of and repel pesky ear mites and other external parasites from your cat.