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Toys for small animals provide these pets with the very necessary physical and mental stimulation they need to live active and healthy lives. Guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rats and rabbits love to forage, explore and exercise their curiosity. They also need to chew and gnaw to keep their dental and digestive health on track, and what better way to do it than when they engage with small animal toys? 

What is the best toy for a small pet?

Small animal toys give our fuzzy friends plenty of exercise as well as mental enrichment for times when they are in their enclosure and need some entertainment. The best small pet toys are those that meet your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or other small pet’s need for playing and also feeling safe. Toys that encourage your small pet to explore, hide, climb, run and chew are great for these needs – a little enclosure that can also be chewed is ideal! Treat toys are wonderful for encouraging your small pet to explore, as they get treat rewards for doing just that!

Do small pets really need toys?

Of course they do! Pet Hero stocks a wide range of toys for small animals, designed to encourage your fuzzy friends to play, seek, forage, chew, and climb. A small pet enclosure or the area in which you engage with your small pet should have a few toys that encourage their natural behaviour. Just watch how your little friend engages with those toys – exploring and nibbling on them – and you’ll see just how much small pets need toys for stimulation and enrichment.