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Pet Hero Wallet – Terms and Conditions

When an issue is submitted via Pet Hero customer care for products that are damaged, missing, out of stock, unwanted, or defective (refer to refund policy), or the delivery of your order has failed, or Pet Hero was not able to procure and deliver the order, depending on the nature of the problem, we may do a refund to you by means of a credit to your Pet Hero Wallet account. This is an alternative to refunding you with a reversal into your debit/credit card if you made the original purchase with a debit/credit card, or by doing an electronic funds transfer (EFT) into your designated bank account if you made the original purchase by means of an EFT.  We will make available to you a Credit Note, which can be requested on the Pet Hero platform by selecting your order located under “Orders” in your profile. 

Your Pet Hero Wallet account has a “History” function which will keep track of all historical transactions from this account.

This credit may be applied to pay for, or “discount”, your next online order. Alternatively, you may request via e-mail or phone for the credit to be refunded to your bank account as per our Refund Policy. If you do not place an order, or request a refund from the credit being passed to your Pet Hero Wallet account within 3 (three) years, then the credit will be forfeited. Kindly note that the Pet Hero Wallet account is non-interest bearing. 

Should a withdrawal request be made from your Pet Hero Wallet to your bank or card account to be made via EFT from Pet Hero’s side, bank and administrative charges may apply. Wallet withdrawals will be assessed on a case by case basis. No payment can be made into a third-party account, but can only be made into the account of the Pet Hero customer who originally made the purchase, upon the written instruction of this customer only.

Please note that no coupons will be refunded to your Pet Hero Wallet account.

No extra payments (also referred to as top-up payments) can actively be made into your Pet Hero Wallet. Pet Hero is not a financial services or credit provider.

In the event that a combo deal cannot be fulfilled partially or in full due to being out of stock during the fulfillment process, a non-refundable credit may be passed to you by means of a coupon, for the value of the lost savings on the deal. This coupon may be applied to a discount on your next online order. Pet Hero reserves the right, without notice and at its sole and absolute discretion, to disable the functionality that issues credit in this scenario. For the avoidance of doubt, credit previously issued will still be honoured. 

For AutoShip customers there is a switch on the AutoShip settings. By default this switch will be on, “ON” (which you can choose to switch to “OFF” should you choose) so that for any AutoShip orders you have, should there be a credit in your Pet Hero Wallet account, such credit will be applied to the value of your order first, with the balance being charged to your regular payment method. Should the credit in your Pet Hero Wallet account exceed the value of your order, the balance shall remain in credit in your Pet Hero Wallet after the transaction was processed. Should the value of the order exceed the amount of credit in your Pet Hero Wallet account, the balance of the transaction shall be charged to your regular payment method

For customers not on AutoShip, should you have a credit balance in your Pet Hero Wallet account when checking out, you may apply such credit to the transaction first, with the balance paid with your preferred payment method. Should the credit in your Pet Hero Wallet account exceed the order value, a new payment method will be available to pay with your Wallet credit. Should the order value exceed your Pet Hero Wallet account credit, you will be able to apply the credit to your order similar to a coupon.

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