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The best food for small pets and birds

Small pets and pet birds are popular choices of furry and feathered companions, especially for pet owners who don’t have the space for larger animals. These little creatures may take up less space, but they still need full-time love and care and excellent nutrition. Are you feeding your small pets and birds an optimal diet? Find out more

Hamster Training Time

What you need to know Hamsters are appropriate ‘starter pets’ for children who want to learn the responsibility of caring for an animal, as well as low-maintenance furry companions for animal lovers who prefer the convenience of smaller pets. While hamsters aren’t known for their extensive repertoires of tricks and showmanship (show-hamster-ship?), there are ways …

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Guinea pig care basics

Guinea Pigs are the best pets to get if you are looking for a pet that is fun, adventurous and will keep you actively busy. It is with no wonder that kids are often the ones who enjoy owning guinea pigs. Although they are small, Guinea Pigs come with a lot of care and responsibility and if you are not a hands-on owner, then maybe owning a Guinea Pig might not be for you.

Getting your first Hamster

Hamsters might seem like low-maintenance first pets for kids or even for pet-loving adults. However, they are little beings that require a rather large amount of responsibility! We’ve compiled a handy guide to properly caring for your first hamster


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