Scratchers and furniture for cats

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Showing 1–12 of 34 results

Cats and cat scratchers simply go hand-in-paw. Cats were built to claw and scratch (have you felt their razor-sharp claws?!) and unless you want your cat to practice her stretching and scratching against the side of your couch, she needs a dedicated cat scratching post. Or three.

Are cat scratchers good for cats?

Cat scratching posts and scratch toys are excellent for cats! They allow your cat to practise her natural habits, keep her claws healthy, exercise (all that s-t-r-e-t-c-h-ing) and, most importantly, to destress. With a cat scratching post or cat tree that’s large enough, your cat (and her furry friend – if you have more than one cat) can climb, play and expend all of her energy on this one very useful cat accessory! A cat tree also doubles as sleeping quarters, playing quarters and grooming quarters, making your cat feel right at home and giving her a solid base to come home to time and time again.

Are cat scratchers necessary?

Cat scratchers, scratching posts and cat trees are very necessary if you want to save your furniture! Scratching is a natural, essential cat behaviour and if your cat doesn’t have a scratching post to do it on, she will find somewhere else. Usually it is your furniture, curtains, carpet and other expensive décor that falls victim to your cat’s instinctive habits.

How many scratchers should a cat have?

Ideally, a cat should have two or more scratchers – a combination of a dedicated scratching post as well as a cat tree and a horizontal scratcher to give your curious kitty some variety. Initially you will need to lure your cat’s attention to the scratching post with some catnip, dangly toys and some of her favourite items, but as soon as she habitually has a good time at the scratching post, bob(cat)’s her uncle!

Sometimes it’s not enough to shift her attention to the scratching post – you may also need to deter her habits at the couch. Fortunately, these kitty repellents will help do the trick.