Dog Ear and Eye Care

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Showing 1–12 of 27 results

Taking care of your dog is not just about grooming them with a bath, a brush and clipping their nails. You need to brush their teeth as well as check their ears for any signs of infection – like redness and a funky odour. White dogs, who are more likely to develop tear stains, and dogs with eye allergies, injuries or other problems also need additional care to clean and maintain their eyes. At Pet Hero, we’ve got a great range of ear and eye care products to choose from.

Should you clean your dog’s eyes?

Dog owners need to protect their dogs’ eyes as they would their own. Just as humans do, dogs also experience dry, irritated eyes, especially if they’re vulnerable to seasonal allergies. Sometimes their own tearing is not enough to ‘rinse’ dust and debris from their eyes, so if your dog’s eyes seem red and irritated or your dog is pawing at their eyes, it could be time to provide some eye care.  Eye drops and rinses help to clear and lubricate dogs’ eyes.

The tear stains on white dogs’ snowy faces can also be easily cleaned with an isotonic solution, leaving their eyes crystal clear and their fur bright. Simply pick the eye stain solution that’s right for your dog.

What can you use to clean your dog’s ears at home?

Dogs with droopy ears, lots of hair in their ears, and dogs who swim a lot are prone to wax and debris build-up in their ear canals. This can easily be cleaned with an ear cleaning solution and a ball of cotton wool. Read the directions for use on the individual product to ensure you use it correctly.

Dogs can also be vulnerable to ear mites; in which case you will need a parasite control product to repel these tiny critters from bothering your furry friend.