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About Pet Hero

Our Mission

The unmistakable human-pet bond forms the foundation of Pet Hero’s identity. As pet people, we understand the love and joy that dogs, cats and other pets – our pet heroes – bring to our lives, yet we proudly recognise that the relationship goes both ways: we are our pets’ heroes too. They wait for us to come home, they follow us around and they will do almost anything to win our love and approval.

Pet Hero’s mission is thus to provide all the pet supplies you need to keep your animals fed, comfy and as healthy and happy as they deserve to be. Shopping from the convenience of home and having your pet products delivered to your door means spending more time and focus on your furry family and nurturing that heroes’ bond.

Humble beginnings

Pet Hero launched in July 2015 with the idea that we’d find the best food and treats, beds and toys, accessories, supplements and apparel for your pets, and make your shopping experience of these products a breeze. You get the pet care and products you want, and Spot and Mitzy don’t have to mourn your departure to the shops or eagerly anticipate your return – the convenience of online shopping and delivery means you don’t sacrifice time better spent with your pets.

Our products are priced competitively without compromising on quality, plus we offer an enticing loyalty programme allowing you to get further discounts off future purchases. There’s no catch… only fetch!

Grow your pet knowledge

Our Pet Hero roots are firmly planted in veterinary practice, so we have the best interests of animals at heart. Browse through our wide range of informative pet-related blog articles, which address a wide range of challenges and offer handy advice about proper pet care. Follow us on our social media pages so you can stay up to date with our content and keep flying your hero’s cape.


We’ve answered the questions we get asked the most, so go to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, where you can find out more about how we work and what you can expect from our awesome service.


Pet Hero was a finalist in the 702 – Hyundai Business Start-Up competition in 2016. This competition was established to recognise the passion and potential within young businesses, so being a finalist is something we’re extremely proud of. The self-same passion, potential and performance that was recognised in this competition is what drives the service, delivery and overall package that will benefit you and your pets.

In 2017 Google selected Pet Hero as one of the top 20 start-up businesses in South Africa. We were invited to attend the Google Developers Launchpad – a gathering of small businesses with immense potential to give them a platform to accelerate their learning and growth. The week of collaboration was made valuable by experts from around the world giving their insights and expertise to help improve each of the individual businesses. Google’s investment in small businesses that embrace technology is a sign of the times and an endorsement of what we do. Our time learning from the best in the business resulted in a number of fundamental changes that will enhance your shopping experience while buying your pet products online.

Let Pet Hero help you save money and time, and be a better pet hero to your hero pet.

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