Mature and Senior Cat Food

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results

The day that veterinary nutritionists discovered that mature or senior cats have different nutritional needs to adult cats and kittens, was the cat’s meow. Senior and mature cat food varieties ensure that middle-aged cats eat fewer calories because they need less energy due to less mobility. Fewer calories mean they aren’t prone to weight gain, since obesity is one of the biggest problems that cats face between the ages of 6 and 8 years old. The ratio of their macronutrient needs also changes later in life, so they need a cat food that provides moderate lean protein and minerals to protect their kidneys.

Do older cats need mature cat food?

From the age of around seven years old, it’s time for cat owners to ask their vet to recommend a senior food for their pretty kitty. When much older cats reach their teens – 11 or 12 years old – they may need another dietary adjustment. You will find both senior and geriatric cat food in our Pet Hero store.

What can I feed my mature cat?

Older cats have different dietary requirements to younger cats, which is why they need the appropriate cat food diet. However, as cats age, they may experience unique health challenges, which can also be managed with the correct diet. Premium brand senior cat foods are recommended where mature cats need a little extra vitality in their old age; where they may have trouble with hairballs; where they may need calorie management due to being sterilised, or need kidney care.

Is wet food better for senior cats?

If your senior cat loves the crunch of kibble and is getting enough water to hydrate her meals, then by all means, keep calm and cat on. However, ageing cats may have dental problems, oral sensitivities or they are simply long in the tooth. If your cat has a more enjoyable eating experience with wet food (cans or pouches) or she thrives on a combination of both wet food and kibble, make sure you are giving your cat what’s best for her own wellbeing.