Fish Health and Wellness

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The health and wellness of the fish in your tank or pond starts with the quality of your tank water. Deciding to keep fish as pets cannot be a spontaneous decision as lots of planning goes into establishing a tank or pond environment and preparing your fish’s home before you introduce them to the tank. You are entirely responsible for the quality of the water in the tank, which is where Pet Hero can help!

How can I improve the health of my fish?

Aside from feeding your fish the correct fish food for their size, species and social situation in the tank, the best way to preserve and improve the health of your fish is by conditioning the tank water. If you need a quick solution to make tap water instantly safe for goldfish, then Tetra’s Goldfish AquaSafe is the solution. For an aquarium starter, Tetra SafeStart helps to establish balanced water conditions with the right amount of bacteria, while removing toxins from the water. And, to reduce the number of times you need to change the water in your tank, Tetra’s EasyBalance will stabilise your fish’s watery environment – removing toxins and adding vitamins and minerals. 

How can I keep my pond fish healthy?

Establishing a fishpond is no easy feat. Aside from the pond’s water ecosystem needing to be kept in balance, it can be affected by a range of other influences like the weather, debris, pollution, and evaporation. This means you need to work constantly to keep your pond environment – and therefore your fish – healthy. Fortunately, Pet Hero stocks Tetra’s Pond AquaSafe – a water additive that helps to make rainwater and tap water safe for your fishpond when you need to top up.