Drinking Fountains for dogs

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results

It is an essential part of dog ownership that you keep your furry friend hydrated. The rule of thumb is to always have a nice bowl of fresh water available to your dog – this is especially impawtant for active dogs. Not only do we advocate the ‘always out’ rule for dogs’ water bowls, but we’ve got a better solution: the drinking fountain!

Are drinking fountains good for dogs?

A water dispenser is a convenient way to ensure your dog’s water bowl is always full. You only need to remember to fill it a fraction of the time compared to a normal water bowl that needs manual filling. Drinking fountains for dogs are very healthy for them. Not only do they keep water fresh and circulating, but most drinking fountains have foam filters that keep the water clean. For dogs who have a sensitive digestive system or a compromised immune system, fresh, filtered water is the best kind of hydration for their already delicate constitution. 

Is flowing water better for dogs?

Our dogs’ wild ancestors preferred to drink from sources of water that moved – like streams and rivers – because flowing water is safer/healthier than stagnant water. If this ancient doggy knowledge means they prefer a modern drinking fountain, who are we to argue? Drinking fountains come with a pump that circulates drinking water, keeping it cool and fresh and totally yummy to drink. With water this appealing, dogs are likely to drink more water, which helps to flush their kidneys and urinary system more efficiently. A hydrated dog is a healthy dog!

Do pet water fountains need filters?

Yes. Drinking fountains consist of a water bowl and a pump that circulates the water. Since fur and dirt can fall into the water and get trapped in the pump, a filter is used to catch any dirt and debris in the water, essentially filtering and cleaning the water. Your dog will always have fresh, clean, filtered water to drink as long as you clean and replace filters regularly.