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Pet Hero Breed Map

It’s hard to say exactly how many, but there are almost 400 defined dog breeds and around 70 cat breeds in the world. Many dogs were specifically developed to assist humans to perform a certain job – hunting, guarding, herding, retrieving, or simply being a sweet companion – and it’s these breed characteristics we need to keep in mind before adopting the breed into our homes. 

Similarly, cats’ hunting tendencies motivated their original domestication, but breeds have since been developed more for their looks and personalities.

In an effort to pair pet heroes more successfully with hero pets, it’s our aim to provide pet breed information that will help owners like you to make more informed decisions about which breeds are more appropriately suited to your lifestyle, household and family.

We are in the process of compiling an extensive list of dog breeds, cat breeds and bird species. If you have any suggestions of the breed information you would like to see, please send us your suggestion to

Pet Hero Breed Map

American hairless terrier

The American hairless terrier’s name tells you a lot about him. He originated in America. He’s great for allergic pet owners. And he’s got that …

Pet Hero Breed Map


When a dog’s name is literally ‘monkey terrier’, you know to expect cuteness and mischief. The affenpinscher is a distinct toy breed dog with sparkly …

Pet Hero Breed Map

Afghan hound

The Afghan hound is one of the most eye-catching dog breeds with his long coat and regal poise.  Bred to run ahead on big game …

Pet Hero Breed Map

Airedale terrier

True to his terrier nature, the Airedale terrier is full of energy, strong, confident and fearless. Originally bred to hunt otters and rodents, the ‘King …

Pet Hero Breed Map

Akita Inu

The Akita (also Akita Inu) is a large Japanese breed of dog with a thick double coat, robust body and a noble carriage. He is …

Pet Hero Breed Map

Alaskan klee kai

True to his name, the Alaskan klee kai (Alaskan ‘small dog’) looks like a miniature Siberian husky. He has the same thick furry coat and …

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