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Showing 1–12 of 13 results

When you’re just about to fall asleep or you’re working from home and are on a Zoom call, your furry friend suddenly comes to tell you they need to go outside! It’s urgent… only for you to let them out, where they stand and survey the land and then come back in again. This is why you need to install a dog door – so your dog can come and go as they please without you needing to schedule your time around their toilet breaks.

Are doggy doors good for dogs?

Generally, yes. Dog doors give your dog the freedom to exercise their good house training without you having to open and close the main door for them. If your dog is an inside dog and you need to go and do the shopping or visit a friend, a dog door gives you the peace of mind that you’ll get home to no poop and pee in the house. 

Are dog doors safe?

Installing a dog door to improve the convenience of your dog’s movement in- and outdoors will not automatically jeopardise your home safety. To ensure you are keeping your home safe when installing a dog door, remember to get the right size dog door for your dog. If you have a small to medium dog, there’s no need to install a huge dog door. If you have a large dog, install a dog door that is lockable. This is not just to prevent any baddies from coming in (although they would be silly to enter a home with such a big dog…), but to also prevent toddlers and small children from trying to crawl through the dog door.